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The Role of the Holy Spirit

Recently I read the Silver Chair– one of the Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis–with my daughter.  In one of the opening scenes of the book a young girl named Jill finds herself desperately thirsty, in an unknown land. Hearing the sound of running water draws her to a stream, where she discovers to her dismay that a large, awe-inspiring lion is lying next to the water.  She fears to approach the lion, but her thirst compels her forward.  The Lion begins to speak.  Read more

Levitical Violence and the Precious Son

Two Sunday ago, we studied the book of Leviticus as a church.  It is filled with fresh opportunities to be grateful for Jesus Christ.

In Chapter 1, for example, the reader is immediately confronted by the violence of the book.  Male animals without blemish are to be slaughtered before the Lord.  Birds are to be decapitated and torn nearly apart before being offered to the Lord.  The gritty details of the passage pressed into my mind: real human beings took real live animals, slaughtered them with their own hands, and offered them in burning sacrifice, all to atone for sin.  This is not just a story. This really happened. Read more

Worship God West: Triune

On Sunday we heard two excellent testimonies from members who had attended the Worship God: Triune conference in California.

Following are links to the main session messages.  You can click on the post link from the Sovereign Grace Ministries website to stream the messages, or download them in the individual links below.  Enjoy!

The WorshipGod14: TRIUNE conference was an encouraging time of studying and marveling at the glory of the Trinity. Audio from the six main sessions is available below, including messages from Mike Reeves, Bruce Ware, Jon Payne, Bob Kauflin, and Rick Gamache. Listen and be encouraged by these messages that all focus on the Trinity and the difference it makes in our lives and our worship. Read more

Recent Sermons

The Gospel According to Moses: Part 10

In the book of Deuteronomy we learn how we are to respond as God’s people.

Click here to download

The Gospel According to Moses: Part 9

The book of Numbers serves as a warning to us: Don’t surrender your faith in the wilderness of temptation.

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The Gospel According to Moses: Part 8

This is an overview of the entire book of Leviticus. Leviticus comes alive when we understand it this way: Divine directions for miraculous relationship. How can a sinful people be in relationship with a holy God? This book has the answer.

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